Natural Disaster Responders  
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One of our more important services is providing disaster recovery services due to water, floods, storms, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and/or accidents.  We hope you never need these services, however, if you do, we can help.

Key Benefits

  • Large Equipment list, from trucks to excavators & cranes,
  • Quick Response & Deployment,
  • Full Security,
  • Total Confidentiality



First Responders
We have been doing first responder work since 1972, working for Federal, State and County officials, as well as small and New York Stock Exchange traded businesses.  We're ready to work for you...
Fast Response
    Our response to Disaster Recovery situations is fast, like right now, just call us anytime... 
Resources  (see a partial listing)
   Whether you, or your company/county/city falls victim to a disaster, (whether natural or people induced), you can rest assured that we will use all available tools and techniques to help you quickly recover.