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Stan-Lyn Document Distributor, for Remote Sites

This document distributor is by far the most flexible and powerful document mover we've seen.  Back before we created this application, we searched everywhere looking for an automatic file sending application that would reliable send the daily backup files that was generated by our Deedroom Imaging application in many of the eastern Kentucky counties, and we couldn't find one, so we built it from scratch.  

Actually, I built this module into our Deedroom Imaging product, and when I was about 80% complete and in the testing phases, it became very clear that this application would be of great value to thousands of companies around our globe.  So that prompted me into removing it from the Deedroom Imaging application and create a separate standalone application that will easily work with the Deedroom Imaging module, and any other application.  

Its Fast, Easy, and Rock Solid.....

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