Digital Video Server  
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Our state of the art premiere Digital Video Server system is unmatched in its feature set.  One thing that really makes our system standout over all the rest is its web client.  All others uses ActiveX plugins/software... Our web client uses NO additional software installations, NO Java, NO ActiveX, NO other software... period.  And because of this unique and exclusive feature, any browser can view our cameras over the web using any Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, FireFox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, or any other browser out there...

Microsoft SQL server is used as the backend for storing users, cameras, events, triggers, logs, and all other dynamic data.

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is fully implemented for the web server as well.

Stan-Lyn's Digital Video Server software loads on your current video server and connects to your existing security cameras, allowing you to view live or recorded video from anywhere. Our unique peer-to-peer software design supports up to 32 cameras per video server, with no limit on the number of servers. You can view live or recorded video from the Video Server, our Network Client or any standard browser. Stan-Lyn's approach allows you to leverage your current IT infrastructure, including servers, security cameras, and disk storage systems, which lowers your overall costs.


Just a few Key Benefits:

Stan-Lyn Recording Features
Records up to 480 frames per second over 32 cameras
Works with standard CCTV cameras as well as IP cameras
Each camera can be configured to capture between 1 to 30 fps
Camera resolutions available from 320 X 240 to 4K
Continuous, motion activated, scheduled or event based recording by camera
Recording frame rates changes can be triggered by motion or alarm events
Motion Zones allow you to customize each camera's sensitivity to ensure that you record exactly the area desired
Easily configure motion settings with intuitive live display
Motion event labels
Privacy zones
Pre and post motion recording buffers
Up to 16 channels of audio
Scheduled and time lapse recording
Camera name, time and date stamp overlay
Supports unlimited amount of storage space using standard local or network drives
Automatically manages files and disk space to ensure continuous recording

Stan-Lyn Viewing Features
View live or recorded video on the server, via the network or on the internet using a web browser without a plug in.
Consolidated recorded playback. New iPlayer gives the user the ability to perform all playback options in one easy to use interface
Intuitive play, pause, and rewind functionality
Frame by frame or variable play back speeds
Event logs
Synchronized playback
Thumbnail view
Timeline view
Smart Search
POS integration
Image zooming
One click writes recorded video directly to a CD or DVD
Control PTZ cameras from the server, network client or the web
Customizable mouse clicks
Unlimited image zoom
Adjustable brightness, contrast, and color controls for each camera
Supports hidden cameras
Customizable layout buttons can pull cameras from multiple servers and from analog and IP cameras on the same user interface
Event log allows quick review of video associated with motion or alarm events
Integrated multi-layered facilities map provides you with an overview of camera placement for quick access with motion indication
Support for Pocket PC
Smart Search
POS transaction search
Popup window displays cameras with motion on the server, the network client, the web browser an spot monitors
Unlimited number of users can view recorded live and recorded video simultaneously

Stan-Lyn Configuration and Management
Integrated Camera Setup and configuration - all camera configurations are done from one easy to use setup screen
Integrated Server Setup
More configuration options at the camera level rather than just the server level
System Security including encryption
Recorded video can be stored on multiple hard drives, i.e., camera 1 can be stored on the local hard drive and camera 2 can be stored on a network drive
Health Monitor ensures maximum server and camera uptime
Archive Manager re-compresses video, moves, or trims video doubling storage requirements
Enterprise Manager give administrators tools to manage servers, users, groups, and cameras from a central location

Full SDK
Configuration wizard for setting up complex condition triggers and resulting actions based on any combinations of alarms, motion events, any digital input, or schedules.
Easy integration with access control, POS or other applications

Other Features
Centrally manage all servers over the network
Web browser with no plug ins
Easy software upgrades
AVI format is compatible with all major media players
System reporting capabilities - system problems, camera problems, server problems
No limitations on the number of viewers that can simultaneously access a DVR on the network.
Security at the server and camera level
Operational without the need for a keyboard, monitor and mouse connection
Provides the ability to adjust bandwidth for each DVR
Provides static and/or dynamic addressing
Supports RAID technology
Supports external storage devices including file servers, NAS, and SAN
DVR's are available with up to 8 TB of disk storage

Stan-Lyn's Technology
Easy-to-use standard Windows interface.
Developed using technologies.
Settings and configuration stored in a SQL server database.
Supports any Windows-compatible storage device, including CD, DVD, NAS, and SAN.
Files are stored in a native AVI video format and are compatible with all major media players.
Interoperable with other applications.
MJPEG, MPEG4 and WMV image compression (MPEG4 and WMV available in v2.6).