Deedroom Imaging Application  
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Document Imaging & Management, for Deed & Records Rooms

  (update) This application is being rewritten in Microsoft's "Visual Studio 2019 .NET" and SQL Server 2016 as a browser based application...

The Deedroom Imaging application is a document imaging application that was created to help the county clerks securely protect their deed room and office records, which generally number into the hundreds of thousands.  And its Fast.....

It is used to protect, track, view, print, email, fax, & copy/paste Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Marriage records, Voter registrations, photographs, plat maps, war records, census records, bank checks and statements, contracts, Lis Pendens, newspapers, manuals, reference guides, notes, quotes, invoices, tax bills, and many more!  

Key Benefits: