11/30/2018 Postcard, Envelope, Brochure Variable Data Printing   (New)

This service allows us to print super glossy presentation materials such as post cards, envelops, and brochures in quantity, much more cost effective that you can yourself.  For more info, click here...

11/15/2018 Bound Book Scanning   (New)

This service uses a large format 13" x 18.5" scanner to scan permentatly bound books in bitonal, grayscale, or full color.  For more info, click here...

11/29/2018 Microfilm Processing   (New)

This service uses Kodak equipment in the processing and developing exposed microfilm which exceeds the KDLA (Kentucky Department Library and Archives) specifications.  For more info, click here...

11/09/2018 Microfilm Writing   (New)

This service creates microfilm from image files to exceeds the KDLA (Kentucky Department Library and Archives) specifications.  For more info, click here...

10/21/2018 Large Format Map & Plat Scanning   (New)

This service allows us to scan your large plats and maps up to 54" wide in full color.  For more info, click here...

02/11/2017 Large Format Map & Plat Printing   (New)

This service allows us to print your large plats and maps in full color.  For more info, click here...

12/31/2008 Delinquent Tax Application

This tool is being developed with the Leslie County Clerk, James Lewis as the lead designer.  We greatly value Jim's knowledge and expertise and are excited about the great features this product will sport.  To see a partial description and its many cool features, click here...

06/25/2007 Digital Video Server Application

This state of the art Digital Video Server features NO ActiveX software or plugins, and uses MS-SQL and IIS...  Folks, this is a seriously powerfull system.  To see a partial description and its many cool & exclusive features, click here...

02/27/2007 Clerk's Point-of-Sale Application (update)

This application has been completely redesigned and now supports multi-user installations, audit trails, special reports, pdf output, and much more.

01/14/2006 New Release of Deedroom Imaging (update)

This release brings several revolutionary ideas to deed room research.  Many of these new features are cutting edge, propelling our solution way past all of our competition... To see a partial description of its many cool features, click here...

02/24/2004 Clerk's Point-of-Sale Application

This application was developed with the Leslie County Clerk, James Lewis as the lead designer.  To see a listing of its many cool features, click here...

04/20/2004 Stan-Lyn Document Distributor

This incredible tool is currently saving companies with remote locations thousands upon thousands of dollars in communications between sites, whether its remote-to-corporate, corporate-to-remote, remote-to-remote, and/or anywhere-to-anywhere!  To see a full description and its many unique features, click here...

09/24/2002 Link to the Features Request Page...

To see many new features, requests and their statuses, click here...

07/30/2002 Who got the Applebee's Gift Certificates?

Well folks, it was kinda interesting in watching this promotion play out.  So what better way to say thanks to all of you that participated, than Wine-N-Dine you at the Applebee's Restaurant of your choice and of-course list you here on our website. 

  • James Lewis, Leslie County Clerk
  • Linda Johnson, McLean County Clerk
  • Tracy Miles, Gallatin County Clerk
  • Randall Phillips, Taylor County Clerk
  • Donald Blevins, Fayette County Clerk
  • Doris Crain, Hart County Clerk
  • Beverly Calvert, Allen County Clerk
  • Katherine Mercer, Meade County Clerk
  • Pam Browning, Barren County Clerk
  • Teresa Sheffield, Monroe County Clerk
  • Carol England, Metcalfe County Clerk
  • Richard Eads, Bourbon County Clerk
  • Gaylan Spurlin, Muhlenberg County Clerk
  • Eva McDaniel, Jessamine County Clerk, 
  • and more on the way...

07/25/2002 New Update for Virtual Courthouse...

Yes, you've got to see it to believe it...   A lot of your requests have been answered with this update.  It contains a lot of features that you all have asked for!  Here is a quick rundown on some of them.  You can see more at the "Screen Shots" section... 

  • Batch-N-Print, allows you to completely print out your DeedRoom Books!
  • Will print them as Normal, Flip-Flop, Reversed, Single and/or Double Sided!
  • Will print them on 20-32 bond recording paper... (ask for a printed sample)!
  • More Advanced Searches, (yet easier to use)!
  • Complete County Officials information, including Judges, Senators, & Reps,
  •     that your customer can purchase at the click of a button!
  • A new Billing feature that allows you to manage those customers that you
  •     trust to pay, (a non-COD customer).
  • The Outgoing Billable Faxes now automatically includes the generated invoice!
  • A new Indexer that allows you to selectively index a single or group of tables!   
  • A new licensing scheme that allows immediate license bumps.
  • Many Searches are now validated safeguarding the user against erroneous entries!    
  • Automatically fix any problems with your data tables!
  • The "Within-X" search function now has its own page and is now automated!
  • The user interface can sport the image of your choice, and its your choice!
  • Much more... 

09/21/2001 Nimda Virus Attacks

We got to find out all about the W32 Nimda virus on the first and same day the rest of the world found out about it, September 18, 2001.  It went through our entire network, destroying data and years of work.  The anti-virus companies Norton and McAfee had just found out about it and was still testing it.  On the other hand we had to come up with a immediate fix ourselves, and by the time we figured it out Norton did too, and created a utility that helps with the removal of the thousands of newly created files and cleaning of others.  Warning, this tool cannot fix all the problems the virus does, so you will need good fresh infection-free backups to get completely back to normal, but can detect if you have it.  Also, if you suspect you have it and need additional information, please contact us.

It took us approximately 75 hours to completely recover from this virus, of which part of this time was spent developing better strategies in dealing with these kinds of problems.

Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

01/13/2006    Major website overhaul with all the new apps and customers added...

04/12/2001    Added a new Media Coverage Article on what the Virtual CourtHouse is doing for Letcher County Clerk, Winston Meade and the people he represents.

03/21/2001    Created the Software Services , Data Conversions , Links, DRI-Live , Your Spreadsheet, and Disaster Recovery pages.  Also made a lot of other small changes and corrections.

03/20/2001    Completed the Virtual Courthouse FAQ page, created a link to Adobe's web site for Acrobat downloads on the brochure's page, and many other changes.

Establishes Internet presence on March 15, 2001

See the press release for more details.

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