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Our Mission:

To bring solid, robust, easy to use, mission-critical, and multi-user document imaging and business information systems for your office, staff, and customers. We handle all the details of each project for you, including, but not limited to data entry, processing, design work, training, and etc!

Company Profile:

Founded in 1984, our experience is in the design, development, and implementation of mission-critical computer solutions for contractors working for Bell South, GTE, Department of Defense, Social Security Administration, GE, Credit Express, Debtor’s Report Card, Little Caesars Pizza, various Law offices, several Kentucky counties, including Breathitt, Letcher, Leslie, Perry, & Knott, and many other companies. We work with some of these companies directly, and some indirectly.

As founder of Stan-Lyn & Associates, llc., Stanley Barnett is our president, trainer, and lead developer for mission-critical, multi-user business applications. He has written many applications that includes: Accounting, Bidding, Finance, Payroll, Franchisee, Kiosks, Point of Sale, Multimedia, Graphics, Web, and Imaging Software for Unix/Xenix/Linux and all versions of Windows.

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Stan-Lyn & Associates, llc.
6045 Highway 476
Clayhole, KY  41317
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Toll Free: (888) 820-9108
Local: (859) 402-8165
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