Data Disaster Recovery  
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One of our more important services is providing disaster recovery services due to "Crash-N-Burns", water, floods, fire, and/or accidental deletions.  So, if you are ever faced with trying to recover your days, weeks, months, or even years of "blood, sweat and tears", (your work), then we can help. 

Key Benefits

  • Data Recovery,
  • Quick Response,
  • Full Security,
  • Total Confidentiality,
  • Disaster Prevention Solutions,



Data Recovery
    Whether you, or your company falls victim to a disaster, (whether natural or people induced), you can rest assured that we will use all available tools and techniques to resurrect your valuable data.
    The key to the success of this is in shutting down the system as soon as the problem is detected. 
Quick and Confidential
    Our response to Disaster Recovery situations is fast, like right now...  We know that your company is dead without its vast (years in the making) data, and that is how we treat it, as if it were a medical room emergency.
    All your data is completely safe with us, as we are charged with maintaining several highly confidential state wide databases, as well as complete data stores for several companies that are traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and not to mention the smaller ones.
Disaster Prevention Solutions
    We believe that this problem can be all but eliminated through proper planning.  In today's fast moving world, no one has the time to re-enter all their data that was lost to whatever..., and you don't need to, if a proper plan is in place.
    We believe in implementing simple fail safe plans that are automated and flat out works, no matter what!
    These systems must be extremely safe, extremely secure, extremely reliable, and with no or almost no human intervention, as humans sometimes forget or just plain too busy.
    We would be delighted to talk to you about a plan that makes sense for you and your company.