Data Conversions  
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Boy, this is one arena where we've got a lot of experience, as we've been converting data since 1983.  So, whether its OCR output, ACII, EBCDIC, borland, foxpro, filepro, pdf, about 30 image formats, or about 30 word processing formats, we can help.

In-House Data Sources

  • SCSI 1,2, 3 hard drives,
  • IDE, EIDE, UDMA hard drives,
  • Older ESDI and RLL hard drives, 
  • Zip disk and tape drives,
  • LS-120 disk drives,
  • DAT 1 & 2 tape drives,
  • 9-track tape drives (reels)
  • Travan tape drives,
  • CD-Rom and CD-RW drives,
  • QIC tape drives,
  • Parallel tape devices.

    So, whether your data is coming or going, we have your bridge, and all on a multitude of platforms!